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Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent from iKamper

Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent from iKamper

Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent from iKamper



The Skycamp Mini offers the same quick setup (1 minute!) as the Skycamp, but in a shorter expandable hard shell: perfect for the bed or cab of your truck, for a smaller vehicle, or for saving space on your roof.

Weighing in at only 125lbs (57kg), the Skycamp Mini can fit on any vehicle: compact cars as well as short bed or truck cabs. Choose among Black or Rocky Black. The Rocky Black is a matte, scratch-resistant coating for tougher use.


  • 1 Minute Setup: Get out of your car and be ready to camp in 60 seconds.
  • Lightweight & Aerodynamic:¬†Fits any vehicle
  • Award-Winning Design:¬†2-person version of the best-selling Skycamp
  • Waterproof:Polyester 150D (PU 3000mm) rainfly, detachable for better visibility and air flow.
  • Breathable: Insulating Poly-Cotton Canvas tent fabric (300gsm).
  • Insulated:¬†Durable & insulating honeycomb aluminum panels,¬†double-layered FRP with 1" air insulation
  • Customizable: Choose the color of your hard shell and the accessories you want.
  • Hard Shell Locks:¬†Stainless steel closing straps have locks to give you peace of mind.
  • Canopy Windows:¬†Option to turn the windows into canopies.
  • Redesigned Ladder:¬†Steps are parallel to the ground, making them safer and more comfortable.
  • Mounting Brackets:¬†iKamper's Mounting Brackets 2.0 are included.

    These quick-to-tighten brackets are compatible with a max cross bar height of 1.2" (3cm) and a width of 3.5" (9cm). For higher cross bars, contact us at support@ikamper.com to request the 1.0 brackets instead. If you have already received your tent with the 2.0 brackets and still need the 1.0 brackets, you can send them in for a trade.

  • Quality: Manufactured at our own factory in South Korea with quality components and custom molds.

  • Included:

    • Mounting Brackets 2.0¬†($89 value):¬†Faster installation, the new standard of mounting brackets.
    • iKamper Allen Wrench:¬†Allows quick installation of the brackets.
    • 2.0 Ladder with Cover ($145 value):¬†Features angled steps, making them safer and more comfortable when you climb up.¬†
    • UV Protective Cover ($90 value):¬†Protect your hardshell from harsh weather conditions.
    • Gas Strut Locks ($25 value):¬†Securely lock the hard shell open during windy situations.¬†
    • Hard shell Wax (gloss black/white only) ($25 value): Hardshell conditioning and care.¬†¬†
    • Seam Sealer ($15 value):¬†Condition the seams of your canvas tent.¬†
    • Tension Poles ($52 value):¬†Turn your side windows into canopies.
    • 2 Keys:¬†Safely keep your hard shell locked and secure.¬†
    • 2 Extra E-Clips for Mounting Brackets
    • 4 Rail Endcaps
    • Instruction Manual
    • Fabric Care Card