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Sterling Adventure Gear was started by three buddies from the West Coast who shared a passion for exploring the outdoors. Though they come from all ends of Canada, Stu, John, and Darwin met on Vancouver Island through the small kite surfing community. Avid campers, they often discussed the inadequacies of hauling a trailer or driving an RV for extended camping trips. You know the story: ridiculous upfront costs, difficult to drive, even harder to park, tough on gas, and you never end up using it as much as you intended.

Finding the Skycamp rooftop tent changed all that. It was just the perfect amount of engineering and convenience that it made going on extended trips super simple and extremely enjoyable. We decided to buy one and give it a try (and boy, did we run it through the trials...), we were hooked. It's easy to mount on your vehicle, amazingly quick to set up (<1min), and surprisingly huge and comfortable on the inside. 

John and Stu decided to use their background in import/export and sales to form Sterling Adventure Gear. Our goal is to make it easier for Canadians to have access to premium products like the Skycamp. We know how intense the seasons can get in Canada and would only ever recommend a product we’d use ourselves.


A Few Sterling Guys

When you bring together three people this passionate about the outdoors, great things happen.
Stu Mason
The Outdoors Guy
John Zimmerman
The Logistics Guy
Darwin Schellenberg
The Sales Guy